Investment Management

Investment Consultancy

We recognise that at times clients may have cherished holdings or holdings that become unexpectedly 'locked' in due to factors such as high penalty charges for switching or excessive tax liabilities across the portfolio. Where this is the case, our advisers can offer an investment consultancy to act as a financial sounding board and provide advice on such holdings without managing them on an on-going basis or moving them to trigger an undesirable liability through doing so.

Access to Private Funding Circles

As part of supplementing our passive approach for our clients core portfolios, we offer more active holdings that are positioned to generate higher returns. One example of the benefits of this active approach is the concept of our private funding circles.

Our breadth of client contact affords us an excellent network of skilled entrepreneurs with good underlying businesses and strategies that are capable of generating impressive returns if supported financially. Such funding is increasingly hard to come by as the banks have greatly reduced their support to small and medium sized businesses over the credit crunch leaving talented entrepreneurs frustrated and good opportunities to fall by the wayside. We are proud to be able to support these individuals and opportunities through forming private funding circles able to fund attractive projects whilst diversifying the risk across a number of private clients.

Projects are vetted by our investment committee to ensure the necessary strategic and security criteria are fulfilled and continually monitored to ensure compliance with the agreed terms and delivery of defined performance commitments. Returns can be debt or equity orientated or a hybrid of the two and are structured in a tax efficient way for the investors to maximise the potential returns.

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